I think my cat knows when I am in genuine distress and when I just did it to myself. He will sleep on me and purr when I am having nightmares (frequent issue) to help calm me down. He has even started cleaning my hair to help sooth me, my wife watched one night as I went from twitching all over the place and mumbling… » 12/22/14 3:45am Today 3:45am

I was a God Dammed adult when I got stuck in a bathroom, in New York, at a Hard Rock Cafe. It took 3 guys 8 minutes to free me, we had to break the hinges on the door to do so. The stalls have the floor to ceiling doors so I could not crawl out when I realized the door was jammed and the knob broken on the inside.… » 12/21/14 5:42pm Yesterday 5:42pm

Because it could anger their money source China, a country that consumes a TON of American media. If they admitted it then China may just turn the money faucet down a little or force a regime change so they don't lose consumer dollars because the Little DICKtator is upset. If NK tries this with a movie that would be… » 12/21/14 12:00am Yesterday 12:00am

I don't know how Carmax does there pricing but man did I totally win the new car lottery. There are not too many 2010 Corolla XRS sedans out there, even fewer are fully loaded. A local Carmax ended up with one that had 26K in mileage and was listed lower than one at a Toyota dealer with 50K+ in miles. In fact in a 200… » 12/19/14 12:28am Friday 12:28am

Never going to happen, TIC charges an exorbitant amount of money to a charity that runs a teen driver safety program a couple times a year at El Toro. The rules are so strict I am amazed that we can even drive the fucking cars. This event has no choice but to move outside of Irvine Companies grasps, that means it has… » 12/16/14 1:16am 12/16/14 1:16am