Trade you papers, I have an 8 page paper that is to talk about the differences and similarities in Baroque and Neoclassical Architecture. How the earlier style affected the later and how the later is still seen in art and architecture today. Oh and it has to focus just on just that style here in North America. » 10/19/14 7:48pm Sunday 7:48pm

I have always loved To Hell and Back with Audie Murphy, he played himself. The man was the most decorated soldier in WWII and started as a replacement PFC and made his way up to company commander. It seems like a cheap cash out for Murphy but I think they did a lot of justice to the role and the men he served with. » 10/19/14 6:10pm Sunday 6:10pm

So I live here in California and I have been following this for a while and let me tell you how people see this working. You see California has wanted to do yearly vehicle inspections for a while now, since cars don't rust we get a lot of shit cars on the road. This would help us eliminate some of the dangerous… » 10/18/14 3:06am Saturday 3:06am